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“Benvenuto driver” and its qualified drivers, all with a regular license, offer the possibility to reach in absolute comfort and in a few hours San Giovanni Rotondo from the main towns of the Amalfi coast with transfer services and / or guided tours on board of comfortable cars and luxury.

All our private services departing from Naples, Sorrento, Salerno, Positano, Amalfi, Ravello, Praiano, Maiori and Minori to San Giovanni Rotondo can be completely customized according to your needs and let you have a complete tour of the city with the possibility of return during the same day. To visit a city so rich in beauty but also so difficult to reach due to the lack of infrastructure and the nature of its territory you need professional drivers who speak fluent English, you need Benvenuto Driver.

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San Giovanni Rotondo get its name to the circular shape of the baptistery of an ancient church once used for the worship of the god Janus. The same church according to tradition was then consecrated to St. John Baptist.

In its history San Giovanni Rotondo played an important economic role, in fact it was for the "Il Regno delle due Sicilie" the place where prices were fixed for all goods marketed within its borders.

But San Giovanni Rotondo for the Italians and in general for Catholics of all the world is the place where lived and died San Pio da Pietrelcina. Padre Pio, born in a peasant family, owners of a small land not far from Pietrelcina, received in 1918 “the stigmata” of the Passion of Christ that will remain open, painful and bleeding for fifty years. The church until the arrival of Pope John Paul II did not look favorably upon “the stigmata” of Padre Pio. He has become a magnet for all the catholic believers,who in the past have moved to get his help and today they pay homage by visiting the church dedicated to him and the convent where he lived in absolute povertyand where he died.

The remains of the saint's bodyare preserved in a modern sanctuary structure strongly desired by his brothers, the Capuchin friars minor, called the church of San Pio, which was built to accommodate the huge flow of tourists especially on Sundays. The structure has something magical and is the result of the work of one of the most famous Italian architects: Renzo Piano.

San Giovanni Rotondo is a beauty of the Gargano and offers beautiful scenery and breathtaking views. A few steps from the town there is a fascinating natural phenomenon: the "Grava di Campolato", the deepest of the Karst areas of the Gargano. Mandatory is also a visit to Monte Calvo (1065 meters) from whose summit, in the clearest days, you can see a unique view, the view simultaneously embraces the Tremiti Islands to the north and the Gulf of Manfredonia to the south.