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Taxi from Naples to Amalfi Coast Better Than Renting a Car
Taxi from Naples to Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast is known for its enchanting beaches, scenic villages, colorful communities and a lot of great things to do. A lot of tourists from all parts of Italy such as Salerno, Rome and especially Naples add the Amalfi Coast to their travel itinerary because of these reasons. If you are travelling from these places in Italy and you are looking for an authentic Mediterranean vacation then the Amalfi Coast may just be the dream that you are waiting for.

Amalfi Coast receives hundreds of tourists per season and this is because of a lot of tourist attractions in the area. One of the top things to do, according to Trip Advisor in the Amalfi Coast is watching the Le Ali nel Vento or the Birds of Prey Show in Positano where you can get a chance to see the most fascinating species of birds of prey which is deemed by locals as a way to follow the path of the gods. The coast is not just popular for its pristine beaches; there are also beautiful hiking trails and wildlife areas such as the Sul Sentiero degli Dei and magnificent gardens like the Villa Cimbrone Gardens in Ravello. 

Another fantastic thing to look forward to in Amalfi Coast is checking out historical sights. There are amazing cultural points of interests and historical places in the area such as a visit to the Duomo di Salerno a historical cathedral, a day at the Villa d Ayala – Valva e Giardini gardens and tours that will take you to paradise-like locations such as the Valle dei Mulini Amalfi, the Cilento in Salerno, historical Catellabate in Salerno, The Path of The Gods or the Franco Trekking Positano and so many more.

Tourists from Naples come to the Amalfi Coast to experience all these and the most preferred way to travel without the hassle and the stress is by taxi service. Taxi from Naples to Amalfi Coast is hiring taxi service that will take you from Naples to anywhere in Amalfi. This is hiring experienced and well-mannered taxi service drivers that will take you safely and on time to wherever you need to be in the Amalfi Coast. you have surely heard a lot from tourists that have visited the coast from Naples that taxi service is more preferable compared to any other transportation method and even better than renting a car to Amalfi. The most popular reasons are as follows:

1.      The road from Naples to Amalfi could be very tough for an inexperienced driver. There are sharp twists and turns and you would mostly drive on two lane roads which leave very little room to maneuver your vehicle safely. Although the A3 and the SS163 is basically easy to follow, dangerous curves start to appear in Salerno. There is also the deadly twist along Vietri Sul Mare; if you are unfamiliar about driving in rural places in Italy then better leave it to the experts!

2.      Taxi service drivers are experienced and well-mannered. They will get you on time to Amalfi without the stress. And combined with a well-maintained vehicle, you will certainly arrive in Amalfi ready to hit the beaches and all other amazing activities as soon as you check in.

3.      It takes less than an hour and 30 minutes to get to Amalfi Coast from Naples by car but within this timeframe you will already be able to view amazing stretches of pristine beaches and wonderful sights along the way! You will never be able to appreciate Amalfi Coast if you are stuck in a car driving and minding the road!

4.      You will certainly save a lot of money when you hire taxi service compared to renting a car. There are taxi for hire services that offer discount offers and promos for families which is perfect for any family taking a trip to the Amalfi Coast on a budget.

5.      If you are looking for comfort and convenience without the worries of car breakdowns and accidents then hiring a taxi service is the best option for you. Taxi services are not just available from Naples to Amalfi Coast but are also available as taxi from Naples to Ravello, taxi from Naples to Positano and taxi from Naples to Praiano.

6.      If you are travelling from Naples to Amalfi Coast during the holidays then the best option is a taxi for hire service. A car for hire may not be available when you need one while metered taxis may charge more. Be sure to book early to avoid the holiday rush. The busiest times of the year in the Amalfi Coast is during the summer where beaches literally overflow with tourists. Weekends are also a headache with tourists and locals heading off to the beach for a day off.