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Excursion Padula

We offer a professional service to take you on a wonderful trip to Padula, giving you the opportunity to discover the incomparable beauty of the monuments that enrich Padula.


Our service is offered with car full of every comfort to make you spend a pleasant day of culture.

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Padula tourist information

Padula is known for the largest Carthusian monastery in Italy, the Certosa di San Lorenzo.


The Charterhouse was founded in 1306 by Tommaso Sanseverino on the site of an existing monastery and is dedicated to San Lorenzo. Its structure recalls the image of the grill on which the saint was burnt alive. The history of the building covers a period of about 450 years. The main part of the Certosa in Baroque style and occupies an area of 50,500 m² on which they built over 320 rooms. The monastery has the largest cloister in the world (about 12,000 sq ft) and is surrounded by 84 columns.


A large spiral staircase, white marble, leads to the large library. The rule that preaches the painstaking work and contemplation, there are different places in the Certosa for their implementation: the peaceful cloisters, the library with the floor covered with ceramic tiles from Vietri sul Mare, the chapel decorated with precious marbles, the big kitchen, where the legend says, was prepared an omelet of 1,000 eggs [1] Charles V, the large wineries with huge vats, the laundries and the neighboring areas where they were cultivated fruits of the earth for the sustenance of the monks as well as marketing with the outside. The monks produced wine, olive oil, fruits and vegetables.


Today the Monastery houses the archaeological museum of Lucania, which contains a collection of finds from excavations of the necropolis of room Consilina and Padula. This museum covers a period from prehistory to the Hellenistic period.

Photogallery of Padula

What to see in Padula

To see:

  • Certosa di San Lorenzo
  • Consilium
  • Le mura cittadine
  • Sacrario del Trecento
  • Chiesa di San Michele Arcangelo (o Sant'Angelo)
  • Chiesa di San Nicola de Donnis
  • Chiesa della Santissima Annunziata
  • Chiesa di San Clemente
  • Chiesa di San Francesco
  • Chiesa di San Martino Cappella di Santa Maria di Costantinopoli