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Visit Amalfi Coast

If you get the chance to take one special vacation in your lifetime you should consider a visit Amalfi Coast. The Amalfi Coast is the most visually stunning coastline in Europe, delivering a magical combination of breathtaking landscapes and legendary historical sites, all on one awe inspiring long length of coastline. It has actually been declared a UNESCO World Heritage site due to its indisputable magnificence and one of a kind natural landscapes and beautiful gardens boasting brightly color Bougainvillea.

The mountains that seem to be carved out by talented hands plunge to the Mediterranean Seas creating beautiful, natural arches, private coves, deep fjords, caverns and cozy pebble beaches created by mother nature over the centuries. In the villages along the coast you'll find charming homes quaintly painted in cheerful pastel colors with stunning views of the awe inspiring countryside. Everywhere you go in the towns you visit Amalfi Coast along the way like Praiano and the resort town Amalfi, you'll be taken away by the wonderful scent of the lemon groves that surround you. The area is famous of its groves and vineyards and the Limoncello (tasty lemon liqueur) and the fine wines the vineyards produce.

Some of the most treasured towns along the Amalfi Coast include the following:

Amalfi is a resort town that you'll definitely want to visit on your Amalfi Coast excursion. The beaches are fantastic; the marina is the perfect place of a nice evening stroll and their Paper Mill Museum a great place to spend the afternoon. Historical sites to see in Amalfi include the Cathedral and the Cloister of Paradise, both built in the 13th Century.

Positano is considered the pearl of the Amalfi Coast, filled with charming shops carrying the famous "Moda Positano" sandals and fine linen clothes, majestic palaces of days gone by and the Church of the Assumption. This charming town has it all and the panoramic views of the Sea and the stunning Li Galli islands is worth a visit by itself.

Praiano is a picture perfect town with quaint narrow avenues that are filled with vibrant splashes of color provided by cheerful pots of geraniums. The town is known for its romantic sunsets, the La Praia beach, Monastery of Santa Maria a Castro, the Saracen towers and more.

Ravello is known for many things including its exceptional views, the Cathedral of San Pantaleone and the exquisite patrician villas the area is so famous for. Ravello has been a favorite vacation destination for celebrities for decades welcoming people like Gore Vidal, Greta Garbo and the world famous author who wrote Lady Chatterley's Daughter, D. H. Lawrence.

Vietri sul Mare:
Vietri sul Mare is known worldwide for its bright and cheerful ceramics and its neighboring villages Albori and Raito.

Plan on spending a good amount of time here when you visit Amalfi Coast. You'll want to explore all the towns listed above and a variety of additional towns and historical sites not listed above like Pompeii, Capri, Sorrento and more. Every inch of the Amalfi Coast is worth visiting, each as charming as the last.