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“Benvenuto driver” and its qualified drivers, all with a regular license, offer the possibility to reach in absolute comfort and in a few hours Lecce from the main towns of the Amalfi coast with transfer services and / or guided tours on board of comfortable cars and luxury.

All our private services departing from Naples, Sorrento, Salerno, Positano, Amalfi, Ravello, Praiano, Maiori and Minori to Lecce can be completely customized according to your needs and let you have a complete tour of the city with the possibility of return during the same day. To visit a city so rich in beauty but also so difficult to reach due to the lack of infrastructure and the nature of its territory you need professional drivers who speak fluent English, you need Benvenuto Driver.

Some pictures

Lecce, a city with karstic nature, is called the Florence of the South Italy for the great variety of historical artifacts from the Roman, Medieval and Renaissance periods.
This city has experienced two very good times the Roman and the one that goes from the fourteenth to the nineteenth century also called “del regno di Napoli”. During the last one, Lecce had a great development and has been enriched with very ornate and lavish buildings so much so that even the critics speak of Lecce’s Baroque. All these buildings are made using a typical stone of the Salento area, a white stone, extremely ductile, very easy to inlay.

It is one of the cities of southern Italy most visited by tourists along with Naples.

The visit of this city of Salento can certainly start from Piazza Duomo, the real living room of the city, a fortified area, dominated by the presence of the imposing Duomo and its very high bell tower. The entire perimeter of Piazza Duomo is marked by buildings of great beauty such as the bishop's palace and the palace of the seminary.

Not far from Piazza Duomo we find Piazza Sant'Oronzo, which in the summer becomes the beating heart of the city for the presence within its perimeter of a grandiose Roman amphitheater, a natural stage for the most varied theatrical performances. The entire square is dominated by the bronze statue of Santo Oronzo depicted while blessing.

There are many statues of Santo Oronzo scattered in the city, we also find one on the Porta Rudiae from where the road that led to the destroyed city of Rudiae once started.

Behind Piazza Duomo we find the castle of Charles V that in spite of its essential external fortifications has a particular and very nice furnishings.

The territory of Lecce is rich in vineyards and olive groves surrounded by low walls of white Lecce stone, geometrically arranged to cover a lush land dotted with ancient farms, manhirs and dolmen testimony of the ancient Messapian civilization. Many farms today have been transformed into restaurants where today you can taste the “ricotta forte”, taralli, cacioricotta, mustazzoli, orecchiette, sip one of the many DOC wines such as Nardò or Salice Salentino but more traditional dishes prepared with fresh local ingredients that this magnificent land offers.