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Benvenuto Limousine – A luxury ride in the streets of the Amalfi Coast!
Benvenuto Limousine

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to travel to the Amalfi Coast? Located along the southern edge of Italy’s Sorrentine peninsula is the enchanting Amalfi Coast. It stretches 50-kilometers in the Campania Region where you can find rugged beaches, pastel-colored homes and villages, small terraced vineyards and luxurious villas. The Amalfi Coast is the most popular tourist destination in the region. Apart from the laid-back environment there are also shopping centers, shops, dining places and hotels where tourists can stay and have fun. And possibly the most amazing way to go from one place to another at the coast is through your own private car service.

Benvenuto Limos for hire

Why settle for a luxury car or a small vehicle while you can rent the best touring car there is? Benvenuto limos are the most luxurious car in the luxury car rental company’s fleet. Limos will take you anywhere and lets you experience how it feels like to travel in utmost luxury. You will be able to enjoy top amenities such as

  • Luxury seating that matches luxury carpeting and interior car designs
  • Your own private audio and video equipment
  • A safe and comfortable ride that has all the luxury features you have been dreaming of!

Because you deserve luxury, Benvenuto will take you anywhere at the coast as well as to different cities and towns nearby. You can even ask for a private luxury tour or excursions to Amalfi, Caserta, Cassino, Ercolano, Pertosa Caves, Naples, Padula, Paestum, Pompeii, Positano, Ravello, Sorrento and Vesuvius.

The advantage of using Benvenuto limos for hire

Not only will you be travelling in the lap of luxury you will also get the following advantages:

  • 1. Travel safely– tourists may find rural Italian roads hard to drive on and some may even find it extraordinarily hard to master! Italians are known to be fast and some may even overlook traffic and road signs! You should definitely leave the driving to professionals when you visit the Amalfi Coast.
  • 2. Travel minus the stress and anxiety– commuting either by train, car, taxi or by bus is a huge headache! You need to fall in line to get tickets or book early just to be first for a train or by taxi. You will spend precious minutes waiting at the station and waiting for other people too! Why spend your vacation this way when you can travel in style with Benvenuto limo tours?
  • 3. Travel in style– you deserve it! Stop worrying about anything, sit back and relax! Let your professional driver do all the work! After all, you came to Amalfi Coast for a vacation right? You can start your much-awaited break from the time you arrive at the airport or at the train station to be picked up by your own private luxury service.
  • 4. Travel in your own time– there is no schedule and no time that you need to be in a particular place. With your own vehicle for hire, you can stay at the beach for hours, shop for hours and dine for as long as you want! You can visit a night club and stay for as long as you wish; your luxury service can take you back to your hotel or apartment safe and sound.
  • 5. Travel with friends and family– a great thing about using a limo service is that you can take a lot of people with you. A limo could occupy more than 5 people and still have room for luxury. You can take your family or a group of friends to different places in the coast especially in places where you can have family fun together:
    • - Valle delle Ferriere- experience the beauty of nature with breathtaking waterfalls and water formations, gardens and beautiful lush forests.
    • - Spiaggia del Fornillo– this is a wonderful beach where families are mostly found. Enjoy water sports, sand games, sunbathing and a lot of sunshine to enjoy! There are shops and dining places nearby too!
    • - Giardino della Minerva– this is an amazing manmade garden where you can find covered pathways, an amazing array of flowers, shrubs and trees and interesting places where you can simply sit back and relax!
    • - Cooking classes– learn how to cook local food! Everywhere you turn there is a cooking school here in the coast; invite the whole family to learn and enjoy!
  • 6. Travel with the most experienced fleet– when you choose Benvenuto Tours and limos, you are travelling with the most experienced drivers in the region. They can take you anywhere and even make excellent recommendations if you are unsure of where to go. They can provide you with techniques to visit a destination and some tips on how to make your visit worthwhile.

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