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Excursion Pertosa Caves

You can not miss the opportunity to visit the most beautiful natural scenery of Campania!


We will drive you for a wonderful excursion to Pertosa Caves, the service is delivered with great professionalism and comfortable and safe cars.

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Pertosa tourist information

Grotte Dell’ Angelo.


The Grotte dell’ Angelo ( Angelo Caves), approxé 70 km from Salerno, are located at the northern end of the National Park of Cliento and Vallo di Diano. Fascinating from a naturalistic viewpoint, their historical and archeological feature too are equally important.

Dating back 35 millio years, they were first mentionned by pliny the elder and later by Leoandro Alberti in his Descriptione di tutta ilalia (A Description of all Italy) in the 16 th century. The first detailed speleogical exploration was conducted by the Triestre-bases Alpine Society of the Guilie’s Cave Committee in 1926.

From 1932 to date the majestic entrance concelead by thick vegetation has given the public access to approx. 3.000 metres of paths that wind their way through te caves. The first part envisages a fascinating and utterly unusual boat trip on the river Negro, wich originates deep within the earth.

Magestic groups of actives stalactites and stalagmite adorn the caves large cavities, while in certain parts the ground is almost entirely invaded by magnificient hollow concretions filled with water.

Visitors can experience the suggestive atmosphere by choosing one of the four guided tours. They will enjoy a constant internal temperature of 6).8 F (16 C) all year round and always feel safe accompanied by expert guides.

Two of the tracks enable visitors to savour the heady speleological experience of the caves just as nature created them.


Dark and silence regin supreme in this world, where they have ruled for milenniums.

(Fundazione Mda)


Open all year round
1 november - 28 february 10::0 - 16:00
1 march- 31 october: 9:00- 19:00

Photogallery of Pertosa Caves