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Most tourists visit the Amalfi Coast after spending a day or two in Rome. There are a lot of things to do, places to visit, sights to see and people to meet in Rome but when tourists look for pristine beaches, sunny vacations and superb water activities then the Amalfi Coast is their top destination after their Roman holiday.

But how to get to Amalfi Coast from Rome? There are no direct train routes to the coast and driving on your own could be risky especially if you have never driven a car in Italian roads. Tourists take the most convenient and the most dependable mode of transportation and that is through taxi from Rome to Amalfi Coast

It takes less than 3 and a half hour from Rome to Amalfi Coast via the A1/E45 route. Tourists choose taxi for hire service via the web because of the following reasons:

  • You can book a taxi service even days or weeks before you travel so you will never have to look for taxi in Rome on foot
  • You can be sure that you are hiring reliable, trustworthy and experienced drivers in Rome to Amalfi. Reading reviews of taxi service companies online could help a lot.
  • You can guarantee that you will arrive to the Amalfi Coast on time. You won’t be late for a meeting, a booked tour or any event in the coast that you have booked ahead of time. Arriving on time will also let you enjoy more activities, visit different destinations in the Amalfi Coast and even relax in your hotel before you hit the beach.
  • You can be sure that your family’s needs are considered like a vehicle large enough to accommodate your family, booster or child seats for children and other important travel items you need for a long 3 hour trip.
  • Travelling with an experienced driver allows you to enjoy the sights along the way. It’s not just about the views that you will find in Amalfi but also the natural beauty of the Italian countryside that you will surely find when you travel via taxi to the Amalfi Coast.
  • Hiring through a taxi company will ensure that you are hiring well-maintained vehicles. A rental car could break, stall or quit while on vacation and thus could be a huge hassle.
  • Finally, you can save money. Hiring a taxi from the airport or a metered taxi could lead to incredulous fares and of course every cent counts if you are travelling on a budget!

Hiring taxi service online is easy and is very convenient and apart from these you can also travel stress-free which is what vacations are supposed to be! Remember the following when hiring taxi service online:

  • Book early. Be sure to book at least a few weeks before your scheduled trip to Rome. Booking early will allow you to hire the vehicle that will suit your needs will allow you to choose the most convenient time and may even qualify you for some discounts or promo offers.
  • Indicate some of the most important things that you need. If you are travelling to the Mediterranean with the family then you would require booster or child seats for children, entertainment for the family during the long trip to the coast such as DVD players, gaming consoles and GPS to name a few.
  • Look for driver recommendations. You can find these in a lot of travel sites to Rome to Amalfi Coast. There are tourists that recommend drivers from actual taxi service companies but before you call, be sure to double check this driver to the company by calling or sending them a message.
  • Mention all the possible stops that you wish to make from Rome to Amalfi Coast. along the way, you will find quaint villages, restaurants, souvenir shops and interesting places to visit so be sure to indicate these when you book. If you wish to hire this taxi service for your entire trip or vacation then you should inform the taxi company or your driver right away.
  • Always look for identification. Once you meet your driver, ask for his company ID and take note of the taxi body number and license plate. These pieces of information are important if you need to contact the company for any complaints or if you want to commend your driver for a job well done!
  • Ask about your driver’s experience in driving to the coast. You may have heard about the perils of driving to Amalfi cost such as winding two-lane and narrow roads, impatient Italian drivers and other driving risks especially at night; you would certainly want a driver that has years of experience driving the A1.

So whether you are bound to Amalfi from Rome a taxi service is your best choice, same goes for taxi from Rome to Ravello, taxi from Rome to Positano and taxi from Rome to Praiano

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