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“Benvenuto driver” and its qualified drivers, all with a regular license, offer the possibility to reach in absolute comfort and in a few hours Matera from the main towns of the Amalfi coast with transfer services and / or guided tours on board of comfortable cars and luxury.

All our private services departing from Naples, Sorrento, Salerno, Positano, Amalfi, Ravello, Praiano, Maiori and Minori for Matera can be completely customized according to your needs and let you have a complete tour of the city with the possibility of return during the same day. To visit a city so rich in beauty but also so difficult to reach due to the lack of infrastructure and the nature of its territory you need professional drivers who speak fluent English, you need Benvenuto Driver.

Some pictures

The city of Matera, in the region of Basilicata, is still relatively unknown to foreign tourists, outside the circuits of tour operators and mass tourism, but no less fascinating than other famous Italian locations.

It is so beautiful because it has a breathtaking landscape and an ancient history made of Byzantine, Longobard and Saracen invasions and influences.

Once in Matera, you are left breathless in front of its hills made of calcareous rock alternating with deep valleys covered with Mediterranean vegetation like those of the Murgia, or in front of the imposing Gravina’s ravine or in front of the variety of animals and plant species of the San Giuliano national reserve.

For archeology enthusiasts, a visit to the Domenico Ridola's museum is mandatory, where numerous artefacts from the Palaeolithic, Neolithic and Greek periods are preserved, which Ridola himself has excavated and taken out of the Matera subsoil. In an area poor in water such as the Matera one, the ancient local native populations built some cisterns to preserve the precious resource, drawing it from the Gravina’s river or trying to collect rainwater, the ruins of these amazing cisterns can be visited today.

But Matera, for its "Sassi" is above all the first locality of Southern Italy to have in 1993 the recognition of UNESCO heritage. The "Sassi di Matera" are a series of cave dwellings previously inhabited by Benedictine and Basilian monks, they are essentially a huge sculpture that shows today how people once lived in caves in perfect harmony with nature.
Because of this religious aspect, Pope John Paul II visited Matera also called "Civitas Mariae" in 1991, remaining particularly impressed and that made him say "Among the cities where I was, Matera is the one that smiles at me more, the one I see again better, through a veil of poetry and melancholy ". Today the "Sassi" in the Christmas period become the perfect setting for a living nativity unique in the world. The film "Passion of Christ" from the recording "Mel Gibson" was filmed in Matera because of its dry and arid nature that makes it very similar to Jerusalem.